Training Course – December 2018


Measure 1.1.1. – professional training course and acquisition of skills – focus area 3A


Initiative financed by the Rural Development Program of Veneto 2014 – 2020. Veneto Region – Department of Agriculture and Rural Development



Food safety and innovative control techniques of mycotoxin in wheat



Food safety



dott. Dario Gasparin


 Duration 25 hours 


Addressee The course is aimed at:

Agricultural entrepreneurs (including members)

Assistant (enrolled in the INPS position)

Family assistant (not registered at INPS position – relative of company owner up to 3rd direct degree and 2nd indirect degree)

Agricultural employees


Subject Management and control systems of deoxynivalenol (DON) in wheat and the related health problem

Guidelines for the containment of this mycotoxin through the dissemination of specific knowledge such as alerts, informative and informative material

Quality certification of wheat and its geographical location.

Location Consorzio Maiscoltori Cerealicoltori Polesani Soc. Coop. Agr. , Villadose (RO) Italy
Certification  Attending at 70% of the training course will allow the release of the AVEPA attendance Certificate
Adhesion The attendance is completely free. The course will be conducted with a minimum of 15 participants. Each participant must provide his personal


For info:


SiGeCo DON – Il Coordinamento

Dario Gasparin 340 2941667

Massimo Antonioli 348 7285453


Irecoop Veneto, settore agroalimentare

Paola Spinuso – Mattia Munegato – Silvia Belotti


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